Edited Collection – System, Society & the World: Exploring the English School (1st Edition)

*Note, a newer edition of this book is now available*

Since its reorganization in the early 1990s, the English School of international relations has emerged as a popular theoretical lens through which to examine global events.

To demonstrate the advantages and value of the English School, this volume brings together some of the most important voices in the School to highlight the multifaceted nature of the School’s applications in IR.

This Collection was assembled with the specific goal of introducing readers to the School’s key elements, but in a way that would be accessible in terms of both comprehension and also availability.

Click on the image to download the collection (pdf).

Edited by: Robert W. Murray

  • Jeremy Garlick

    Thank you for this very valuable and interesting collection.  I have to agree with the last item, however, in its conclusion that the ‘English school’ is, in reality, too broad and undefined a church to be classified as a single perspective.  It appears, in essence, to stand mainly for the principle that ‘We are not American positivists.’

  • Sounds good to me.

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