The Editorial Team

E-IR is maintained by a registered non-profit organisation and run by an all-volunteer editorial team. We work on the website and give up some of our spare time because we want to have a hand in creating a unique resource for students and scholars. Click on our names (where available) to find out more about each of us. For all general inquiries, please email us.

If you would like to join our team, vacancies are listed here.

Editorial Board
Lead Editor | Director:  Stephen McGlinchey
Editor-at-large | Director:  Alex Stark

Founder | Director:  Adam Groves

Articles Team
Articles Editor: Marianna Karakoulaki
Deputy Articles Editors:  Rhys Crilley, Charlotte Fraser
Associate Editors:  Marc Woons, Charles Perretti, Iva Kopraleva, Max Nurnus

Blogs Team
Blogs Editor: Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska
Contributing Editors: Robert W. Murray, Dylan Kissane

Commissioning Team
Senior Commissioning Editors:  Kirthi Jayakumar, Jacob Kennedy
Dhanasree Jayaram,
Robert L. Oprisko, Yumna Fatima

Commissioning Editors: Louis Fletcher, Hannah Partis-Jennings, Rabea Willers,
Malene Mortensen, John H.S. Åberg, Fabian Stroetges, Janja R. Avgustin,
Adam Kingsmith, Marcela Schaefer, Daniel Rowney, Michael Di Gregorio,
Federica Caso, Darren Atkinson, Dylan Marshall, Phoebe Gardner, Tim Poirson,
Colin Szkarlat, Loveleena Sharma, Kerstin Tomiak, Hale Yildiz, Tamara Al-Om
Raluca Csernatoni,
Swetha Prakash, Philip Reynolds, Jenny Yang, Michael Littlehale

Features Team
Features Editor:  Christian Scheinpflug
Deputy Features Editors:  Rachel Kaye, Katherine Stewart
Associate Editors:  Lindsay Mackenzie, Tom Cassauwers, Farah Saleem

General Editorial
Editors-at-large: Al McKay, Luke M. Herrington, Daryl Morini, Caitlin Hamilton,
Daniel Golebiewski,
Katharine Wright
Copy Editor: Michael Pang

Students Team
Students Editor:  Sarah Miller
Deputy Students Editor: Evan Ritli
Associate Editors: Mitch Armbruster, Emma Kast, Conor Heaney, Ben Willis,
Maximilian Curtis,
Robert Ralston, Simone Main