Article award

Starting in 2017 and continuing annually, E-IR will invite PhD / doctoral students and early career academics to prepare short papers outlining novel, or under appreciated, ideas that will contribute to the understanding of international relations. The award welcomes papers on empirical, political and diplomatic issues that impact upon global or regional politics, as well as papers that discuss theoretical and disciplinary issues central to International Relations.

Papers must be concise, written to be understood quickly and be accessible to any informed reader – especially those in fields beyond International Relations. As the purpose of this award is to communicate new ideas and interpretations to the widest possible audience, entrants must avoid writing in an unengaging and abstract academic style. Papers that arrive dense with citations and dependent on jargon and complex terminology will not be considered. The criteria we have placed on the award (see below) will assist entrants in writing in a suitable way for the award.


The 2017 award is now closed. When the 2018 award is open we will post more information here.

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