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Stephen Chan, OBE is Professor of World Politics at SOAS University of London, where he was also Foundation Dean. He was the ISA 2010 Eminent Scholar in Global Development. His books “Robert Mugabe: A Life of Power and Violence” was published in 2003 by University of Michigan Press; “Southern Africa: Old Treacheries and New Deceits” in 2011 by Yale University Press; and in 2016 his book (with Julia Gallagher) on the 2013 Zimbabwean elections will appear with Cambridge University Press. He helped oversee the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980 as a member of the Commonwealth Observer Group.

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A Ceremonial Ride into the Sunset for Mugabe?

Robert Mugabe, 91 in February 2015, assumed the chairmanship of the African Union; he may be more concerned about stage-managing his legacy than leading the continent.

Zimbabwe: The Sanctions of No Sanctions

Zimbabwe: The Sanctions of No Sanctions

The announcement of a suspension of sanctions pending a credibly free and fair referendum was a very low bar to cross. The real action lies in what is already going on behind the scenes. As with all major diplomatic breakthroughs, a heavy element of cynicism is the accompaniment.

Mugabe: How Much Longer?

Mugabe: How Much Longer?

Mugabe’s regime is hardly on its last legs and is not threatened beyond key points. He is strong enough to intimidate the most senior of his ambitious colleagues and there are many who trace the death in 2011 of Solomon Mujuru to his door.

What is this thing called the decline of the West?

In the west, China’s rise and increased attention to fundamentalist Islam have caused many to perceive a global contest in the export of values. At this particular crossroads of history there seem to be several very different maps for the future. In this context, many speak of the ‘decline of the west’, but what is it exactly?

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