The E-International Relations Essay Award


Students: Would you like to get your best papers published on E-IR and win £100 of books?

All student essays submitted to E-IR are automatically entered into consideration for the E-IR Essay Award. In addition to publication on the website with our Essay Award banner, winning essays are promoted on our Twitter and Facebook pages and are awarded £100 in book tokens from our partners at Routledge.

The award is selected by the E-IR Students Team, who screen all essays published on the website. With many hundreds of essay submissions made to E-IR every year, the award aims to reward undergraduate and Masters students worldwide who share their best work to the benefit of their global peer group. Previous winners of E-IR Essay Awards can be found here.

Submit your essay to be published on E-IR in order to be considered for the award. Don’t let your best papers gather digital dust!

NB: While we may select your essay for publication, this does not necessarily mean we will then select it for the award as only one published essay each month can win the award. Whether you win the award or not, publication on E-IR is a great achievement and something you should be proud of.

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