Call for Papers

E-International Relations offers academics/scholars, PhD students, young professionals/practitioners, and early career researchers (postdoc) the opportunity to submit articles to the site for publication in our Articles section.

Ideally we are looking for authors to write accessible articles in areas in which they have direct/emerging research expertise/insight. Although there is no specific word count, between 1000-3000 words is optimum length for us. We commit to have all submissions processed with a decision on publication made within two weeks, maximum. Beat that in the world of academic publishing!

E-IR is a great place to publish working papers and research in an environment where you can engage with a vibrant audience of peers and build up your academic profile. Our open access, free to view model removes all obstacles between the author and reader – and our comments facility enables organic discussion of all content that we publish. In an age where journal readership/subscription is declining due to failing and overly expensive subscription models, E-IR ‘s delivers hundreds of thousands of article views per month, providing an unrivaled forum for our authors.

Instructions for submitting your content can be found here.

We also welcome shorter blog posts, especially content reflecting experiences in teaching/research/career that can be shared to our audience of students and young scholars. See here.

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