Brexit: Global Perspectives – With Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni

‘Brexit: Global Perspectives’ aims to focus attention on the wider geopolitical implications of Britain’s decision to leave the EU. Using country spotlight perspectives and thematic symposia, the blog provides an open forum for critical analysis and discussion of diverse global issues and outlooks on Brexit. The blog is curated by Dr Mette Eilstrup-Sangiovanni, Senior Lecturer in International Studies at Cambridge University.

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Lex Specialis and the Interpretation of Article 50 TEU

Article 50 of the TEU must be applied complementarily with other treaties, otherwise, conflicts arise between international law and the limited provisions in Article 50.

British Minister for the Armed Forces visits the UK Engineering Contingent supporting the UN Mission in South Sudan. 

British peacekeepers in South Sudan are continuing their support to the UNMISS mission of protecting civilians and improving stability in the country. 

Armed Forces Minister Mike Penning visited the UK Contingent at Malakal and Bentiu yesterday where almost 100 personnel are carrying out engineering tasks in support of UNMISS. The Royal Engineers are preparing for the main deployment of nearly 400 peacekeeping troops over the coming months. 

The UK Engineers are dedicated to carrying out engineering work which will improve critical logistic routes and security at Malakal and Bentiu Protection of Civilian sites. As more troops arrive, they will build a permanent field hospital at Bentiu over 1,800 UN personnel.

Brexit and the Consequences for International Peacebuilding

The UK’s departure from the EU might arguably leave not only the UK but also the EU more inward-looking and less engaged in world affairs.

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Will Brexit Happen?

The potential for Brexit is assessed through the premise that only a second referendum can negate the legitimacy of the first.

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Implications of Brexit for the European Convention on Human Rights

Brexit has no formal or immediate implications for the UK’s obligations under the ECHR, nevertheless, there may be some subtly negative consequences.

Reassessing the European Convention on Human Rights in the Context of Brexit

Reassessing the European Convention on Human Rights in the Context of Brexit

The decisions of the ECHR have enhanced Britain’s democratic institutions and improved the quality of everyday life for those within the jurisdiction.

Reassessing the European Convention on Human Rights in the Light of Brexit

Reassessing the European Convention on Human Rights in the Light of Brexit

But even if in the eyes of its advocates Brexit goes well, it is only a matter of time until the ECtHR hands down a judgment against the UK that will be controversial.

Brexit and the Future of the European Convention on Human Rights

Brexit and the Future of the European Convention on Human Rights

As the Brexit negotiations unfold it is important to keep up pressure on the UK Government to permanently drop the ambition of seeking Britain’s withdrawal from the ECHR.

Brexit: The View from Czechia

Brexit: The View from Czechia

Brexit has launched a general debate, which is long overdue, on what the Czech position in the EU and on the EU is and should be.

Brexit: The View from Australia

Brexit: The View from Australia

Australia’s recent integration with the Asia-Pacific region means that its dependence on the UK for the movement of goods and services is no longer as significant.

Prime Minister Theresa May meets the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

The Prime Minister held Bi-Lateral talks with the President at Downing Street. She met him at the famous Number 10 door then held their bilateral meeting in the famous White Room

Brexit: The View from Ukraine

Brexit has the potential to bring Ukraine and the UK closer than they have ever been before, vis-à-vis the EU.

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Time to Start Reading Latin American History!

The political history of certain Latin American republics is discussed as a cautionary tale regarding the current growth of populism within the European Union.

Hungary, the Barbed Wire Fence of Europe

Hungary, the Barbed Wire Fence of Europe

The Hungarian government’s, anti-migration and anti-EU, posturing persists as a populist strategy to maintain a firm grip on power.

The Reconstituting of Borders in America

The Reconstituting of Borders in America

New immigrant communities will also show that they generate economic growth and innovation and that they constitute the future of America’s greatness, not a threat to it.

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