The Religion Gap – With John A. Rees

The Religion Gap examines the role of religious actors and interests in the events of world politics and in the debates of international relations. Curated by Dr. John A. Rees of the University of Notre Dame Australia, the blog is designed to help scholars, students and all interested readers think critically about religion in International Relations via a wide range of subjects.

ANZAC Day service at the National War Memorial Wellington.

Lest We Forget: Religion and the Remembrance of War in a Secular State

The memorialisation of ANZAC in Australia shows that faith tradition can add depth of memory to sovereign self-understanding, even in secular states.

Religion in IR: That Cousin We Never Knew

Religion in IR: That Cousin We Never Knew

Welcome to The Religion Gap, an international relations blog exploring the impact of religious actors and interests on the dynamics of world politics.

To Be, or Not to Be [Reincarnated] – That Is The [Political] Question

To Be, or Not to Be [Reincarnated] – That Is The [Political] Question

Most often, what we think we know about the predictabilities of religious behavior is confounded by political events and the role that religious actors play within them.

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