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India’s Development Paradox

India’s Development Paradox

Intended to raise the standard of living for millions of the nation’s poor, many Indian development projects are criticized for destroying their livelihoods and the environment in the process.

¿A qué estaríamos dispuestos a renunciar, nosotros los europeos? / As Europeans, what would we be willing to accept?

¿A qué estaríamos dispuestos a renunciar, nosotros los europeos? / As Europeans, what would we be willing to accept?

In 1992 I was 12 years old, I was just a kid… In Genoa, naturally, they were celebrating the 500 years since the so called “discovery of America”. A Genoese, Christopher Columbus, by chance landed on a small Carribean island and since that day many things have changed. From the protests against that event, one statement sticks in my head: “1492, Don’t accept caravelles from a stranger”.

Global food price rises: Threat or opportunity for poor farmers?

After thirty years of stability, staple food prices have increased on average by 43% in world markets this year and 80% since 2005. The fastest rising commodity, wheat, was $105 a tonne in 2000 and now costs $481. This is of enormous concern in less developed countries (LDCs), but are there also opportunities present for poor farmers?

China’s Ties with Africa: Beyond the Hysteria

If questions about Sino-African relations could be reduced to their essence, these could be summarized as three main points. Firstly, China is not a unitary actor. Second, there is a degree of scapegoating of China and its alleged negative impacts upon Africa. Third, ultimately, it is up to African leaders to manage their relations with China to benefit their own economies and citizens.

UK International Development Policy: Addressing the Key Issues Progressively

Much of development has historically been directed by colonial powers and more recently by the neo-liberal consensus. This has led to a situation whereby developing countries have had little control over their own resources, policies, economies and futures.

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