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Liberal Peace Transitions: Towards a Post-Liberal Peace in IR?

Liberal Peace Transitions: Towards a Post-Liberal Peace in IR?

It has become generally assumed that ‘Liberal Peace Transitions’ offer a way out of local, civil, regional and international conflict, as well as complex emergences and development problems. All military, humanitarian, diplomatic, political, economic, and social, interventions since the end of the Cold War have been geared to this programme – with limited success.

International NGOs and the World Bank: Brave New Global Governance?

In 1998, Jonathan Fox and David Brown found that a loose, interactive group of civil society actors and small numbers of Bank and donor officials, had provided the evidence, ideas and encouragement for donors such as the United States to pressure the World Bank to move away from environmentally and socially hazardous projects.

Searching for the Indigenous Voice in a New Arctic Scramble: Berlin Conference Part II or a New Global Politics?

Historically, the Arctic has held a definitive place in global politics. This history, however, is one defined and written about far from the Arctic itself. The narrative includes endless tales of national exploration and its centre stage military role during the Cold War. As such the Arctic has always provided a tell tale sign of all things political. The present-day is no exception.

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