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Why Trump’s Meeting with North Korea Matters: The Asia-Middle East Connection

Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un may be strategic for U.S. foreign politics in the face of strengthening relations between North Korea and Iran.


Turkish-U.S. Strategic Relations and the Syrian Civil War

The U.S. should not neglect Turkey’s security concerns in Syria, while Turkey must be ready to see the Kurdish people play a role in Syria’s political transition.

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Normalization Negotiations between North Korea and Japan Revisited

Japan is taking preemptive actions to normalize relations with North Korea in light of the upcoming summit talks between Kim and Trump, and negotiations with South Korea.

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Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch: Why is Turkey Attacking the YPG in Syria?

Turkey has entered Syria’s Afrin district to combat the YPG in order to guarantee security at the border as well as its place at the table of Syrian peace talks.

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The Path to Authoritarianism: How do we get there?!

Authoritarian regimes are assessed through their use of judiciaries to give legitimacy to autocratic rule, reinforcing the importance of the separation of powers doctrine

Why Study Emotions in International Relations?

Why Study Emotions in International Relations?

By appreciating the far-reaching significance of emotions in international relations we can approach and understand world politics in a whole new, more holistic light.

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Anglo-French Defence Relations are Crucial for European Defence after Brexit

Following Brexit, The UK must strengthen its image abroad through the maintenance of international order and European defence through increased partnership with France.

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies: Insights from and for IR

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies: Insights from and for IR

Ongoing investigation is required, to further uncover the limits, shifts, and interre­lationships between contemporary forms of governance by, with, and of blockchains.

Why IR Realism Persists

Why IR Realism Persists

IR Realism is not sufficient for understanding and explaining international politics, but its concerns with power politics in a decentralised system remain necessary.

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The Case for an ASEAN Erasmus Programme

Further initiatives and programmes ought to be instilled to encourage ASEAN students to pursue their education within ASEAN states.

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