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RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (July 23, 2009) -- A Brazilian Marine on point signals to his fireteam of a possible enemy sighting during a patrolling exercise of Southern Exchange 2009 (SE09). Patrolling, which is said to be one of the most vital training exercises, is used in every sort of conflict in any terrain, and therefore is taught with the highest level of gravity. (Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Jonathan G. Wright/Released)

Imperialism by Another Name: The US “War on Drugs” in Colombia

This essay examines US policy towards Colombia from Truman to Reagan, tracing the emergent “war on drugs” and the related political, economic, and military strategies.

US Missiles and Parallels of Interventionism in Syria’s ‘Thirty Years War’

US Missiles and Parallels of Interventionism in Syria’s ‘Thirty Years War’

By reembracing the norm of interventionism, the world’s major powers are rediscovering the very reason why it was banished at Westphalia so many years ago.

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