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Specialist Eleazar Mattocks, USA, Charlie Company 2-1 Infantry, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, using helmet camouflage and a Colt 5.56 mm M16A2 rifle with an M203 40mm grenade launcher, demonstrates a platoon battle drill attack for the Thai Forces during the COBRA GOLD 2001 exercises. COBRA GOLD '01 is regularly scheduled, joint-combined exercise designed to ensure regional peace and strengthen the ability of the royal Thai Armed Forces to defend Thailand or respond to regional contingencies.  This year's exercise, the 20th in the series, will focus on peace enforcement operations.  (USAF PHOTO BY SRA LESLIE LAWRENCE 010517-F-1379L-004)

North Korea: The Perils of Ignoring the Good Problem

Without grappling with the potential “good problem” of the collapse of the DPRK, the United States could find itself winning a war but losing the peace.

The Golden Age of Special Operations Forces

The Golden Age of Special Operations Forces

Special Operation Forces have been a defining feature of US military engagement in its post-9/11 wars, yet few understand the dangers of their increased use.

Substituting U.S. Troops for Private Military Contractors in Afghanistan

Substituting U.S. Troops for Private Military Contractors in Afghanistan

If U.S troops are substituted for private contractors, then there must be a change to U.S. laws controlling the use of private security contractors in a combat role.

No First Use of Nuclear Weapons: An Option for U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy?

No First Use of Nuclear Weapons: An Option for U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy?

As long as military and political leaders are aware of the effects of nuclear weapons, the barrier to crossing the nuclear threshold would remain prohibitively high.

Image by Nori Katagiri

Interview – Nori Katagiri

Dr. Katagiri discusses his latest book on insurgencies, military strategies and cooperation and Japanese-American perceptions on security, politics and the world.

Image by Joseph Nye

Interview – Joseph Nye

Prof. Nye discusses the waning idea of the American Century, the role of China, India and Russia and the diffusion of power in world politics in the 21st century.

Gunnery Sgt. Todd Leahey, the 81mm mortar platoon sergeant for Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, motions toward impacting rounds while supporting Kilo Company, 3/3, during Exercise Clear, Hold, Build 2 on Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, Calif., Sept. 16. The battalion’s line companies — India, Kilo and Lima — each arrived by helicopters or tracked vehicles to clear enemy activity from the village, establish security and re-build rapport with local nationals. During the Enhanced Mojave Viper training exercise here, the Marines of “America’s Battalion” are training to kill enemy fighters by practicing counterinsurgency operations. Next month, they’ll deploy to Afghanistan’s Helmand province to support Operation Enduring Freedom. Leahey, 34, is from St. Peters, Mo.

Beyond Thompson and Malaya: The Search for a Usable Counterinsurgency Past

Though modern British COIN doctrine has shaken off some of British COIN’s persistent myths, a more thorough and far-sighted questioning of its base principles is needed.

The One Percent Problem

The One Percent Problem

One of the strangest criticisms of US security policy is that it burdens a too small percentage of the American people. In fact, the US has stopped paying for its wars.

Civil-Military Relations In the U.S:  What Needs to be Done?

Civil-Military Relations In the U.S: What Needs to be Done?

The current situation of the U.S. civil-military relationship has problematic aspects for parties on both sides. Through active dialogue between the two comunities these issues can be addressed.

Interview – Nick Pratt

Interview – Nick Pratt

Colonel Nick Pratt discuses successful counter-insurgency practices, the Obama administration’s drone program, women terrorists, and future international security threats.

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