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Submitting an essay or dissertation to E-IR is an opportunity to share your best work with your global peer group and to contribute towards the leading online resource for students of international politics. We accept work from undergraduate and Masters students that addresses any area related to international politics/IR. We also warmly welcome essays from the wider Social Sciences and Humanities (History, Philosophy, Sociology etc.). writing on issues connected to politics, environment, law, climate, or society.

All essays published on E-IR are automatically eligible for our monthly Student Essay Award, which has a prize of £100 of book tokens from Routledge.

We will only consider your script for publication if it adheres to our structural benchmarks and formatting requirements (see below). So please revise your script carefully to give yourself a good chance.

NB: We do not attest to the accuracy of the essays that we publish, nor do we edit their content. The essays that our team select for the website are published as an academic exercise so that students can access good examples of work undertaken by their peers.

Structural benchmarks

• Essays must be assessed and awarded at First Class / ‘A’ grade / High Distinction level (or equivalent for other systems).
• We expect that you have applied any corrections and/or improvements raised by your tutor in your grading feedback.
• Referencing must be to academic standards with a full bibliographic reference for each source used (any format is fine).
• English language/grammar must be of a high standard and carefully edited to remove structural errors or typos.
• We do not accept presentations, group work, reports, or formative work. We only accept essays or dissertations.

Basic formatting

- Bold-set and left align all headings. Italicise any subheadings. Remove all heading scripts and custom formatting.
– If you have used chapters in addition to headings, mark these out clearly in capitals, e.g. CHAPTER ONE.
– Do not indent the first sentences of paragraphs. Leave one clear line of space between each paragraph.
– Place all quotations in standard quotation marks and indent longer quotes. Do not italicise any quotations.
– Remove all contents pages, declarations, word counts, abstracts, custom templates, cover pages, etc.
– Any reproduced images in your essay that originate from sources that are subject to copyright must be removed.

► When ready, upload your essay here. If successful, you will see a notification confirming receipt.

We respond to every author with our final decision within 8 weeks of submission. Please do not send us any more than 2 essays during any 8 week period. You are welcome to send us more once we have been in touch regarding your existing submission/s.

If you have any questions on any aspect of submitting an essay, please feel free to contact us at
You keep copyright over your work, for more details see here.