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e-IR is not an essay bank. The essays have been contributed by students strictly as academic exercises; we intend them to provide an accessible route into interesting debates, and to be examples of the scholarly work conducted by students of higher education institutions.

The essays remain the intellectual property of their respective authors, who are voluntarily sharing many hours worth of their work. However, the essays should not be considered to represent the opinion of the author or e-IR, nor can we attest to their accuracy. They have been uploaded with the intention of being helpful to fellow students. Please do not plagiarise.

Essays can be uploaded via the web or submitted via email.

Academic Essays may be of any length and must detail the institution at which they were written, the lecturer for whom they were written, and the year when they were written. These details must be added to the document. A member of the editorial team will briefly review your piece and contact you once it has been published. We aim to publish essays within one month of receipt.


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