The IR Survey

Dear students, teachers and IR wonks,

The International Relations survey is open! This is the only student-focussed, international survey of the discipline, which takes stock of the state of IR pedagogy and students’ experiences. I invite all IR students reading this to take a few minutes to complete the survey, and IR lecturers to share it with their students. This survey is designed to give us an original, bottom-up snapshot of the discipline.

The IR survey was kindly endorsed by Professor Robert Kelly on Duck of Minerva. I would be eternally grateful if you could take the survey, send it to your colleagues, professors, post on it Twitter, Facebook, etc. Since this project is not funded by any institution, my co-researcher, Christian, and I would appreciate any support you can give us!

I wish I could thank each and every one of you by inviting you to coffee, to talk about your experiences of the IR degree in person. But, since that may be logistically challenging – and financially ruinous – we will at least thank you in our survey write-up!

Take the IR survey here:

Daryl Morini is editor-at-large at e-IR and co-creator of this survey, alongside Christian Romuss.

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