Edited Collection – R2P, Syria and Humanitarianism in Crisis

The humanitarian crisis in Syria poses major challenges to doctrines, legal frameworks, and institutional norms about the moral imperative to intervene on behalf of afflicted populations. At the heart of this challenge presented by Syria is the debate surrounding the Responsibility to Protect, or R2P, doctrine.

This collection brings together some of the most important voices on R2P and humanitarian intervention to examine the doctrine’s validity in the context of Syria’s civil war.

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Contributing authors: Mike Aaronson, David Carment, Philip Cunliffe, Gareth Evans, Luke Glanville, Aidan Hehir, Joe Landry, James Pattison, Ramesh Thakur and Thomas G. Weiss.

Edited by: Robert W. Murray & Alasdair McKay.


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