Edited Collection – Ukraine and Russia: People, Politics, Propaganda and Perspectives

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Edited by: Agnieszka Pikulicka-Wilczewska & Richard Sakwa

When, on 21 November 2013, former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych decided to postpone an EU Association Agreement, few would have predicted that this would lead to a prolonged inter-communal conflict in Europe’s borderland. What started as a peaceful demonstration of support for Ukraine’s pro-European course by thousands of people in Maidan Square in Kiev has developed into a vicious confrontation dividing families, communities and the Ukrainian nation.

Since the beginning of the confrontation, a lot has been written about its root causes, the motivations of the main actors, and possible scenarios for the future. However, few have looked at what came to be called the ‘Ukraine crisis’ from the point of view of Russo-Ukrainian relations, and grasped the perspectives of various groups involved, as well as the discursive processes that have contributed to the developments in and interpretations of the conflict.

The authors of this volume each present a facet of the intense and dangerous turmoil provoked by the breakdown in relations, and thus contribute to a deeper understanding of a crisis that now afflicts both European and global affairs.




  1. Ethnic and Social Composition of Ukraine’s Regions and Voting Patterns, David Marples
  2. Understanding the Other Ukraine: Identity and Allegiance in Russophone Ukraine, Nicolai Petro
  3. Brothers Grimm or Brothers Karamazov: The Myth and the Reality of How Russians and Ukrainians View the Other, Olga Onuch
  4. Roots and Features of Modern Ukrainian National Identity and Nationalism, Denys Kiryukhin
  5. Everyday Life after Annexation: The Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Greta Uehling
  6. Crimea: People and Territory Before and After Annexation, Ivan Katchanovski
  7. Russians in Ukraine. Before and After Euromaidan, Mikhail Pogrebinskiy


  1. Ukrainian Politics since Independence, Andrew Wilson
  2. The Origins of Peace, Non-Violence and Conflict in Ukraine, Taras Kuzio
  3. The Ukrainian Crisis and its Impact on Transforming Russian Nationalism Landscape, Marlene Laruelle
  4. An Unnecessary War: the Geopolitical Roots of the Ukraine Crisis, Peter Rutland
  5. Between East and West: NATO Enlargement and the Geopolitics of the Ukraine Crisis, Edward W. Walker


  1. ‘Hybrid War’ and ‘Little Green Men’ – How It Works, and How It Doesn’t, Mark Galeotti
  2. Putin’s Nationalism Problem, Paul Chaisty and Stephen Whitefield
  3. Vladimir Putin: Making of the National Hero, Elena Chebankova
  4. Dominant Narratives in Russian Political and Media Discourse during the Ukraine Crisis, Stephen Hutchings and Joanna Szostek
  5. The Ukraine Story in Western Media, Marta Dyczok
  6. Russia as Ukraine’s ‘Other’: Identity and Geopolitics, Mikhail A. Molchanov


  1. Western Economic Sanctions and Russia’s Place in the Global Economy, Richard Connolly
  2. Democracy and Geopolitics: Understanding Ukraine’s Threat to Russia, Paul D’Anieri
  3. Perspectives for Russia’s Future: The Case for Narrative Analysis, Edwin Bacon
  4. Diversity Policy in Ukraine and Its Neighbours: Running on the Spot Again? Alexander Osipov
  5. Conclusion: Monism vs. Pluralism, Richard Sakwa

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