New Positions Open on the E-IR Team for Editorial Assistants

E-International Relations (E-IR) is maintained by a registered non-profit organisation and run by an all-volunteer editorial team. Our volunteer editors work on the website and give up some of their spare time simply because they want to have a hand in maintaining the best online resource for students and scholars of international politics. Many of our former editors have built on their experience of working with us to go on to senior positions in the publishing industry, politics, and academia. You do not need to physically attend a place of work to volunteer with us, you just need your own computer with the usual software (especially Microsoft  Office) and a reliable internet connection. You also need to be the type of person who checks their email regularly and probably spends too much time on their computer / mobile device!

The Editorial Assistant position is an entry level role for those who are inexperienced at editing/writing, but are keen to learn. It involves working with the Editorial Board, usually the Editor-in-Chief, on a range of important projects. These will range from doing minor research tasks, helping build new projects, writing internal reports, minor editing work, and working on outreach activities. The role is highly flexible in terms of time commitment so long as you are able to contribute a reasonable amount of time each week, at a time that suits you.

After volunteering with us as an editorial assistant for 6 months you will be guaranteed a promotion to a more senior role. So, it is an excellent way to get started with E-IR, work up through the organisation from the grass roots, and learn new skills.


Basic criteria

1) We typically seek applications from undergraduate and Masters students for this role. We will also accept applications from those on a break from study, but not from those who have exited academia for good.

2) We welcome those in politics/IR specialities – but we are keen to also look beyond (geography, sociology, philosophy, history, media etc.) as we desire a broad range of views from across the humanities and social sciences to be represented on the website.

3) You should have 5-8 hours a week to spare during most working weeks and be able to commit to the role for at least 6 months (hopefully longer). We anticipate your level of engagement will sometimes vary due to academic pressures, so be reassured that our work ethic is highly flexible – built to accommodate student life.

4) You must have decent English language skills and be comfortable writing in English.

5) You must enjoy working with other people, have good communication skills, and have a ‘can-do’ spirit.


To apply

Send an email to Title your email ‘Get involved’ and address the 3 questions below in less than 500 words. No attachments are permitted and we do not want a CV. Just write in your own words in a way that gives us a brief snapshot of your personality:

1) Tell us why you feel you are suitable for this role.
2) Give us a basic overview of where you study/have studied, to what level, and what (broadly) your future plans are.
3) Explain what one thing you think E-IR could do better. You might be responsible for making this happen – so think carefully!

We hope to get back to anyone who catches our eye within 2-3 weeks of application. Due to the level of applications we receive, we regret that we cannot reply to un-shortlisted candidates. If you have applied unsuccessfully for a position on our team in the past, we encourage you to try again for this role. The position remains open as long as this page is live.


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