America: Get Rid of Your Constitution

This post will be short and sweet, because the issue has gotten so convoluted by distortions over so many political and social issues in American society that the ease of stating the obvious and pressing ‘publish’ that a blog gives this one frustrated academic is liberating:

Americans, get rid of your constitution and replace it with something that represents the world of the 21st century, not a world barely out of the middle ages.

Why? Oh, where to start… but I promised it would be short and sweet so here’s the basics (of course this list could be longer):

1) Your government doesn’t work any more. Years of partisanship has now peaked making legislation a warzone, fuelled by the once necessary, but now obstructing, notion of separation of powers.

2) You have an out of control gun problem, fuelled by a misreading of the second amendment that has taken on a life of its own. The map below, prepared by ABC, shows that more than one school shooting per week has taken place so far in 2015 in the US. ABC map shootings

3) Your federal model needs a total overhaul to ensure that Americans have the same rights in whatever part of their country they reside in (education free from religious absolutism, health care, marriage rights and so on)

4) You deserve better from your political leaders. After a century of leading the way internationally, America is now dissolving socially and politically. What better time for a political rebirth of a once great nation?

Citizens of the world might think this has nothing to do with them, but as the US gets more politically unstable it is more prone to rash actions beyond its borders. This affects all of us.

Fixing any of the above is impossible without getting rid of that rock around your collective necks that has been canonised into an almost holy myth: Your constitution. You can’t amend your way out of this. It all needs to go. Start again. If a great nation was invented once by wise founding fathers, it can be reinvented.

Of course…. No one can get rid of it as constitutionally that is almost impossible in reality… dear me… the futility of US politics.


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