Announcing the Winner of the 2015 E-IR Scholarship

After scores of high quality applications, and a lengthy internal and external review process we are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2015 E-IR Scholarship for Masters students is Vitor Ziegler Paiva, who is studying for his Masters in Terrorism, International Crime & Global Security at Coventry University, UK. The prize this year was a £1000 cash bursary from E-IR and £900 of books from our partners: Sage, Polity, Oxford University Press, I.B. Tauris and Hurst. Well done, Vitor!

Our runner up prize this year was £250 in books from Routledge, which was awarded to Ákos Erzse who is studying for an MPhil at Cambridge University. Congratulations to Ákos. We hope the books will help with your research.

Many thanks to all those who applied. We really enjoyed reading your applications and it was tough to select a winner from such a great range of applicants. We wish all those who applied the best of luck in their studies.

We would also like to thank the publishers who were kind to match our cash bursary with book tokens to make the scholarship that bit more valuable to the winner and runner up.

As a final note, after a few years of running the E-IR scholarship we have been fortunate to be able to support some truly exceptional students. Going forward, E-IR would like to invest our time in scholarship for all, as opposed to for one. So, in the year (and years) ahead we are producing a range of high quality textbooks that we will provide freely online to give all students of international relations a solid entry point of reference to the discipline. These will be published alongside our current scholarly books and edited collections  – which are also provided free – giving students open access to a world class range of scholarly materials that continues to grow month on month.

So, we hope you will keep an eye on the website as we work towards publication of the first textbook aimed at IR beginners in October 2016, with another to follow on IR Theory soon after. As a result, it is unlikely we will be able to spare funds to run a scholarship in the years ahead as we will be investing all of our available resources into producing the textbooks and creating a unique portal to house them on the website. We hope this will be a way we can make E-IR even more useful to our readers and fulfil our mission to keep pushing the boundaries of open access.

With thanks,
the E-IR Editorial Board


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