The E-IR Year in Review and the Launch of our Annual Reader Survey

Around this time of the year it’s always good to look back, and forward. So we’d just like to share some thoughts reflecting on the year gone by at E-IR, and also invite you to give some feedback on our annual survey so the conversation can go two ways.

The audience survey is linked here. It should not take longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Please be as honest as possible, as your comments influence meaningful change and improvements.

Not just a website anymore!

In January 2014 we launched the redesigned E-IR website, giving it a modern look and feel and a fully professional upgrade. So, it was exciting to see us continue to develop in 2015 by releasing our first print book Ukraine and Russia… followed by 5 more books with the last one of the year on the English School going out in December.

People said we were mad by making our books free online, but we believe in open access defined in the fullest sense. So, why not? All of our 2015 books were scholarly edited collections, but in 2016 we are adding a brand new series of textbooks for IR students: ‘E-IR Foundations’. The first 2 books are already in production, and hopefully you can see where we’re going – creating a world class package of books for students. All of which will be provided free. This new package of books gives us the opportunity to create a brand new Students Portal that will house the new textbooks and a range of other content tailor made for students. Watch out for its arrival later this year.

This is really a sign of the interconnectedness of E-IR’s operations. Our books are not separate to the website – they are integral to it’s growth.

E-IR’s core mission is to be the best resource for students AND scholars of IR, so we are not going to take our eye off the scholarly side in 2016. E-IR remains a cutting edge vehicle for scholarly content – this year we have published hundreds of scholarly articles, interviews, reviews and blogs and produced 6 superb edited collections. We have a bunch more books on the way in 2016 and we’re looking forward to getting those out, to receiving proposals for new books, and to receiving more great submissions from our readers to publish on the website. We are open for content and proposals 365 days a year.

A ‘top’ list of 2015’s publications

Our most viewed article was this by Mark Galeotti
Our most viewed student essay was this by Markus Markert
Our most viewed interview was with H.A. Hellyer
Our most viewed review was this by Taylor Fain
Our most viewed blog was Robert Murray’s IR Theory and Practice
Our most downloaded, and most sold in paperback, book was Ukraine and Russia

Overall we reached 2.7 million unique readers in 2015, and together they read many millions of posts on the website. This was our biggest year yet in terms of audience!


If you said to someone a few years ago that E-IR could do all we do on a non-profit model with a tiny budget relying purely on good faith and good will, they would have said we were mad. So, the biggest of thanks to our readers for your support as it empowers us and drives us to do bigger and better things.

The link again to the survey – please pretty please (please) fill it out. We need your feedback to continue to tailor and improve what we do to serve our audience better.

Happy new year to everyone from the team at E-IR.


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