Call for Contributors – Open Access Book on Migration in the 21st Century

The topic of migration has received much attention in recent years, and it has since permeated various fields of IR. The current refugee and migrant crisis on Europe’s external and internal borders is gaining wide coverage. However, migration has been an important issue elsewhere; be it the sub-saharan Africa or the US-Mexican border. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of insight either missing or not accessible to readers.

E-International Relations therefore invites authors to contribute to an edited collection about migration in the 21st century – from a critical angle that focuses on perspectives, drivers, and responses.

About this project

Migration in the 21st Century will be an open access edited collection, part of E-IR’s edited collections series. It will be available to readers of E-International Relations via free e-book download and also sold in paperback in book stores worldwide: a model that ensures the widest dissemination in the field. You can view existing E-IR books here

The authors we select will have a proven, or emerging, record in the area of enquiry. PhD students and postdocs are welcome as part of E-IR’s mission to support emerging and younger scholars.

We invite contributions about the following topics:

  • Gender perspectives on migration
  • Post-structural perspectives on migration
  • Marxist perspectives on migration
  • Critical perspectives about psychology and migration
  • Social media use as a driver of migration
  • Resource scarcity and environmental change as drivers of migration
  • Human rights violation as a driver of migration
  • Economic change as a driver of migration
  • Securitisation of the current refugee crisis in Europe
  • The militarisation of the current refugee crisis in Europe
  • Reporting of the current migrant crisis in Europe
  • Changes in international law as a response to migration
  • The impact of migration on state sovereignty

We do not seek to be overly prescriptive, and look forward to authors taking advantage of this invitation to shape interesting chapters as they see fit, including on areas not listed above. That being said, we place a premium on contributions that use real world examples, and we expect this to be reflected in abstracts (see below). More importantly, writing in an E-International Relations book requires that you adhere to our editorial mission statement, which is to provide cutting edge scholarship in a way that preferences brevity and accessibility.


We welcome abstracts of around 350 words sent to Marianna Karakoulaki via email at by 15 May 2016, using the subject line ‘Migration Proposal’. You may also address any questions to this address.

Your abstract should indicate, concisely, (1) which topic you would like to contribute on and (2) how you would use real world examples – where relevant – to illustrate your major points. Please also send us a brief author biography via an attached CV or a link to your academic webpage.

The guide length of commissioned chapters will be between 2500 and 4000 words, so we will expect that you factor this length into your abstract/planning. And, please remember how much we value the use of real world examples and accessible language. The absence of those in your abstract will likely lead to us not accepting it. Acceptance decisions will be made within four weeks after the submission deadline, after which we will contact all applicants with our response.

Kind regards,

Marianna Karakoulaki, Laura Southgate & Jakob Steiner


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