Call for Short Contributions on Teaching and Learning

The Ivory Tower is an E-IR blog dedicated to giving academics an opportunity to provide insights into teaching, research, service and policy work, as well as inviting the odd student to reflect on the classroom experience from the other side of the desk. It delivers a look at the other side of the IR lecture theatre, a real professors-eye-view of the world of international politics. The Ivory Tower is part of our larger blogs section.

The blog is at its best when it is populated with a diverse range of voices and guest posts. So, we are having an open call for regular contributors to join the blog, or one off guest posters to add to the blog. To get a gauge of suitable topics, past posts should give a good indication.

If you would like to enquire about being a regular contributor, please email and pass along some basic information about your current position and the things you would like to write on.

If you would like to submit a guest post, submission details are below.

E-IR regards blogs posts as informed but informal, written to be read and digested quickly, drawing on scholarly or professional expertise. What sets our blogs apart is that they are inclusive towards our readership of over 3 million students, scholars and general interest readers – rather than being designed to serve a smaller more inward looking community. So, we dislike jargon and other unnecessary barriers for readers and preference plain accessible language, with anything complicated explained briefly.

Submission Guidelines:

• Word count must be under 1000 words. Ideally, 400-800 words.
• Posts should utilise hyperlinks and should not have any academic referencing.
• Include a short bio showing your academic/professional credentials.
• Leave one clear line of space between each paragraph.
• If you feel the need to suggest sub-headings, set them in bold type.
• Place all quotations in standard quotation marks and indent longer quotes.
• Images (if used) must be integral to the content and be your own or Creative Commons.

When ready, submit your blog post as a .docx attachment in an email to Your email should be titled  ‘Submission to Ivory Tower’. Place a bio detailing your expertise at the top of the script.

Upon receipt we will review your script before a decision is made to decline, accept or request revisions. Regardless of our decision, you should have a reply from us within a few working days.

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