Call for Papers: New Perspectives on China’s Relations with the World

E-International Relations invites authors to submit papers for an open access Edited Collection titled: New Perspectives on China’s Relations with the World: National, Transnational, and International.

This collection will re-examine modern China’s relations with the world in a context beyond simply a nation-state. It will look at each of the themes listed in the title: National, Transnational, and International, in an interdisciplinary manner. We welcome contributions from authors specializing in politics, history, economics, international relations, as well as any areas in the humanities and social sciences.

Chapters will be divided according to three themes:

The national section will analyse China’s relationship with parts of ‘Greater China’ (e.g. Xinjiang, Tibet, Macao, Hong Kong, and Taiwan). This section will specifically look at the interplay between international and domestic dynamics in shaping the formation of the modern Chinese state.

The transnational section will examine the intellectual, ideological, and cultural connections between China and the world. It will consider both how China has utilized its foreign influence, and how foreign concepts and influence have been implemented in China. It pays attention to the roles of transnational actors and factors, such as soft power, in the making of China’s role, rather than simply focus on the traditional study of international relations.

The international section will examine multiple aspects of China’s international relations including traditional state-to-state relations, economic, military and religious relations. It will also interpret the implications of a rising China’s power to the existing international system.

Overall, we expect this anthology to underscore that the study of China’s foreign relations is by no means a subject solely connected to political and diplomatic affairs. We hope to depict a China that has been shaped by multidimensional dynamics, and will reflect and even challenge existing views on China’s foreign relations.

We welcome submissions from:

  • Current PhD students at any stage of their studies
  • Post-doc research fellows
  • Established academics
  • Independent scholars

Articles considered for inclusion should fit one of our volume’s three thematic focuses (national, transnational, and international) as specified above. We welcome contributions that are based upon original research on a broad range of focus from the premodern to contemporary eras. For reference, accepted articles will be set between 3000 – 4000 words (excluding references). So, please focus on this as you propose.

Prospective authors are welcome to submit a 300-word proposal for consideration. Submissions should be emailed to the editorial team ( by 1 February 2017 to be considered for inclusion in the volume. Please also attach a short biographical paragraph with your contact information in a separate document. We will inform authors the selection result in early April 2017.

The Editorial Team: Daniel Johanson (PhD Candidate at King’s College London); Tsunghan Wu (PhD candidate at King’s College London); Jie Li (PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh).

The Publisher: E-International Relations Publishing (

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