Online Resources – Constructivism

Getting Started with Constructivism

Theory in Action: Constructivism (video below)

Introduction to Constructivist Theory by Daniel Nexon (part one below). Click here for Part 2 and Part 3

‘Constructivism’ by Patrick Thaddeus Jackson (podcast)

Constructivists ‘in the flesh’

Theory Talk with Alexander Wendt

Theory Talk with Nicholas Onuf

Theory Talk with Peter Katzenstein

Amitav Acharya ‘Constructivism and the Study of Global IR’ (podcast)

Martha Finnemore ‘Are legal norms distinctive and what do they add to the analysis of political change?’ (podcast)

Iver Neumann ‘Constructivism and the Turn to Practice’ (podcast)

Kathryn Sikkink ‘The Role of Agency in Constructivism’ (podcast)

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