Online Resources – Feminism

Getting Started with Feminism

Introduction to Feminism by Kimberly Hutchings (video below)

Feminists ‘In the Flesh’

J. Ann Tickner: ‘What has feminism done for International Relations?’ (video below)

Theory Talks with J. Ann Tickner (web resource)

Cynthia Enloe ‘What feminist investigations reveal about current militarizations’ (video below)

Cynthia Enloe ‘Who is Afraid of Gender Analysis’ (video below)

Theory Talks with Cynthia Enloe (web resource)

Theory Talks with Marysia Zalewski (web resource)

Laura Sjoberg: ‘The Politics of “Fitting” Feminist Theory in IR’ (blog post)

Feminist Fatigues; Or, What Can Feminism Be in International Relations? (blog post)

Margot Wallström: “Sustainable Peace: The Link between Security and Development and the Role of Women in Peace Negotiations” (video below)

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