Online Resources – Securitisation Theory

Getting started with securitisation theory

Ole Waever introduces securitisation theory (video below)

Securitisation theorists ‘in the flesh’

David Newman ‘Borders in an Era of Globalization and Securitization’ (video below)

Roger Zetter and Paresh Kathrani ‘Changing Identities, declining protection: the securitisation of asylum and refugee policy in Europe’ (video below)

Shahar Hameiri ‘Securitisation and the Governance of H5N1 Avian Influenza in Southeast Asia’ (video below)

Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws: The Politics and Consequences of a Moral Panic (blog post)

Shamim Miah ‘Preventing Schooling: Muslims, Securitisation and Racialised Politics’ (blog post)

Ilja Richard Pavone ‘Infectious Diseases as a New Threat to International Peace and Security’ (blog post)

Three blog posts from the Duck of Minerva’s Securitisation forum (onetwothree)

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