Would You Like to Join the E-International Relations Team?

More than 100 people from all over the world volunteer some of their time each week to E-International Relations projects – primarily working with many hundreds of authors to get their content online for our audience of over 3 million readers. Our volunteer editors also work on new ideas, adding new things to the website when the opportunity or need presents itself. If you would like to join us you are most welcome to take a look at our ‘Join the Team’ page. There are specific roles listed there that all are welcome to apply for (please note the criteria carefully). If after reading that page you don’t feel you fit into a specific role, then you are encouraged to contact us at join@e-ir.info with a clear idea of what you would like to contribute to E-IR and why you think you would be a good fit to take a spot on our team. We welcome both types of applications.

To volunteer with us, you should be able to spare at least 5 hours a week from September 2017 onwards and have an intention to stick around on the projects you work on for at least 6 months. Flexibility is encouraged and expected, so hours committed are not expected to be rigid fixtures. Any applications that catch our eye will be responded to by mid September. We regret that due to time limitations (we are all volunteers too) and the volume of applications we receive (hundreds per year), we are unable to reply to those that we do not shortlist for a position.

We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming in more enthusiastic scholars and students who want to help us further grow the world’s best open access International Relations resource!


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