Student Essay Award – Win Free Books and Get Published

Students: Would you like to get your best paper published on E-IR and win £100 of books?

The E-IR Student Essay Award award aims to reward undergraduate and Masters students who share their best essays and dissertations for the benefit of their global peer group. In addition to publication on the website, winning essays are awarded £100 in book tokens from Routledge. How it works: Our team reviews all entries and selects shortlist candidates based on those that 1) meet the entry criteria and 2) impress us enough to want to publish them. We then publish the shortlist candidates. Finally, we award one winner each calendar month from those published. Whether you win the award or not, publication on E-IR is a great achievement and something you should be proud of. Find out more here.

You can also find lots of student facing resources, including free textbooks, guides to studying, online multimedia resources and much more in E-IR’s Student Portal. We will be adding much more content to the Portal over the coming year, so well worth bookmarking and checking back regularly.

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