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Are you keen to work at the cutting edge of international politics, eliciting expert opinion on new and exciting developments in scholarship? Do you want to help us share our high-quality, diverse content via social media? If so, we invite you to join our team to help E-International Relations pioneer new ideas on the website and promote our content. The role involves keeping up-to-date with the major developments taking place in international politics, and what the experts in this field have to say about them. It involves commissioning and editing reviews of recently published books, and conducting interviews with some of the world’s most influential scholars and practitioners. It will also involve the preparation of innovative social media posts, created from the broad range of E-IR’s content, which will be shared with our audience. The role is an exciting opportunity to network with scholars, and may serve as a pathway into senior positions at E-IR.

E-IR is a registered non-profit organisation run by an all-volunteer team. Our volunteers devote some of their spare time simply because they want to participate in maintaining the best online resource for students and scholars of international politics. Many of our former editors have built on their experience to go on to senior positions in the publishing industry, politics, and academia. You do not need to physically attend a place of work to volunteer with us; you just need your own computer with the usual software (especially Microsoft Office) and a reliable internet connection. You also need to be the type of person who checks their email regularly and probably spends too much time on their computer/mobile device!

Please consider the application requirements listed below carefully. Also, you should familiarise yourself with E-IR’s purpose by reading our About section.

1) We mainly seek applications from Master’s, Ph.D students, but this role is also open to undergraduate applicants.

2) We welcome those in politics/IR specialities – but we are keen to look beyond as we desire expertise from across the humanities and social sciences to be represented on the website.

3) You should have at least 5 hours a week to spare and be able to commit to the role for at least 6 months (hopefully longer). We anticipate your level of engagement will vary due to academic pressures, so be reassured that our work ethic is highly flexible and accommodates academic life.

4) You must have strong English language skills – as you will need to assist in editing material for the website.

To apply, send us an email titled ‘Features/Social Media Editor’ to

Within that email – in less than 500 words:

1) Tell us what we need to know about your academic past/future/publications, experience with social media and so on.

2) Tell us what areas of content our interviews and reviews lack coverage of, and how you propose to help us address this. In addition, tell us some of your ideas for presenting our content on social media. The more detailed you are, the better.

3) Attach an academic writing sample and link your academic website if you have one.

*The position will remain open for applications until March 5th*

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