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The Mercosur, Mercado Común del Sur (Common Market of the South) is an ambitious economic integration project which includes the founding members Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. In 2008, Venezuela, Chile and Bolivia became associate members. Peru, Ecuador, Colombia have expressed their willingness to join the group, and Mexico has shown a growing interest. Mercosur’s main objective is to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the all member economies by opening markets, promoting economic development in the framework of a globalized world, improving infrastructure and communications, making better use of available resources, preserving the environment, generating industrial complementation and coordinating macroeconomic policies. Achieving a common external tariff is one of the main goals of the block. Taken from About Mercosur.


Mercosur’s Strategic Foundation (Dispatch) (Video Below)

Mercosur Rises to the World Stage (Video Below)

Latin America’s Economic Divide (Video Below)

Mercosur Official Website (in Spanish)

MercoPress: South Atlantic News Agency

Mercosur: South America’s Fractitious Trade Bloc – Council on Foreign Relations

Explainer: What is Mercosur – Americas Society/Council of the Americas

Profile: Mercosur – Common Market of the South – BBC


Mercosur: A brief history – Pulsamérica

Mercosur History (Timeline) – globalEDGE

Important Documents

Treaty of Ascuncion (in Spanish)

Protocol of Ouro Preto (1994) – (in Spanish)

Member States


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina


Paraguay suspended from Mercosur (2012) – The Guardian


Uruguay: Pushing Back Against Brazil’s Labor Reform With Mercosur – Stratfor

Uruguay chair of Mercosur, targets accord with China, exhausted of negotiations with the EU – MercoPress


Why Mercosur is Stuck With Venezuela – American Quarterly

Mercosur Suspends Venezuela Urges Immediate Transition – Reuters


Bolivia in the Mercosur: what are the real benefits? – Centro studi sul federalismo: International Democracy Watch

External Trade Relations

Mercosur Moves Toward Trade Liberalization – Stratfor (Video Below)

European Union

EU is engaged with Free Trade talks with Mercosur – Council of the EU (Video Below)

EU and Mercosur – European Commission

The benefits of open trade with Mercosur (Speech) – European Commission

What to Expect from the Mercosur EU Agreement – Thomson Reuters

Mercosur-EU Free Trade Agreement: a bad deal for the public domain – Communia


Mercosur trade bloc – Benefits for Canada – Government of Canada

Using culture to strengthen Mercosur ties – Eric Fillion, Policy Options

East Asia

Mercosur free trade agreement could be signed by China and South Korea – Brazil Monitor

Reports and Articles

Southern American Common Market – Mariana Luna Pont, Centre for Studies on Federalism

Culture in the world of Mercosur – Juliette Dumont, INAGlobal

Common Market of the Southern Cone: MERCOSUR – The Impact of Economic Integration: A Case Study – International Labour Office

Mercosur Parliament – Centro studi sul federalismo: International Democracy Watch Report

Mercosur: Just An Ordinary Family? – Deutsche Welle

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