Announcing the 2018 Article Award Winner

Madison Cartwright is the winner of the 2018 E-IR Article Award with the article: ‘Rethinking World Systems Theory and Hegemony: Towards a Marxist-Realist Synthesis’. In addition to receiving the Award, Madison will receive $1000 in book tokens from our sponsors Routledge, I.B. Tauris, Zed, and Hurst Publishers. Madison Cartwright’s winning article suggests that a synthesis between Marxist and Realist theories is possible despite their deep theoretical divisions. To quote the article: “despite the fact that Marxists place class as the centre of their analysis, Marxist theories on imperialism and world systems nevertheless create territorial partitions of the world which establish hierarchies of national economies.”

Madison Cartwright is a PhD candidate and Postgraduate Teaching Fellow in the Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney. He holds a Bachelor of Economics and Social Sciences with First Class Honours from the University of Sydney, for which he received the Helen Nelson Prize for the Best Thesis in IVth Year Honours. He was also the recipient of the RN Spann Scholarship in 2015. Madison has published on historical institutionalism in Policy Studies and on preferential trade agreements in The Pacific Review. He also co-authored a forthcoming book chapter on corporate agency, in press with Lynne Rienner. His research interests include international standard setting and trade, state-business relations and historical institutionalism.

This year, we have also awarded 3 runner up prizes to Elham Kazemi’s ‘Transitional Justice in Tunisia: Any Role for Islam?’, Yaqub Ibrahimi’s ‘International Relations Theory and the “Islamic State”’ and Tamanisha John’s ‘Settler Colonialism and Financial Exclusion of Banks in the English Caribbean’. Each will receive $125 each in book tokens courtesy of Routledge.

E-International Relations would like to thank all the entrants to this year’s Article Award, including those mentioned above, those who were shortlisted and those who we were unable to shortlist. Choosing a winner was especially tough this year due to the quality of entries, and the diversity of subjects we received articles on. You can read all shortlisted articles here.

The application period for the next Article Award will open in the Spring of 2019, so stay tuned!



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