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The Union for the Mediterranean (hereafter referred to as UfM) is the unique intergovernmental Euro Mediterranean organisation gathering all 28 countries of the European Union and the 15 countries of the South and the East of the Mediterranean. It is in charge of enhancing regional dialogue and cooperation amongst its Member States. It therefore plays a central role with regard to the current evolutions in the region.

As a direct continuation of the Barcelona Process, the creation of the UfM in July 2008 was destined to reaffirm the political ambition to strengthen regional cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

A first phase 2008-2011 under the co-presidency of France and Egypt was dedicated to the launch of the UfM and to the setting up of the Secretariat of the UfM in Barcelona (hereafter referred to as the Secretariat).

A second phase 2012-2015 under the co-presidency of the European Union and Jordan, allowed the increase and steady development of its activities, the reinforcement of the capacities of the Secretariat, working methods and partnerships, and a number of achievements that gave new momentum to Euro Mediterranean regional cooperation.

Considering the magnitude of the pressing and serious current challenges in the region but also the existence of an untapped potential of opportunities, the time has come for a third phase from 2016 onwards. It is to build on the progress achieved, on the UfM identity and added value, and to further consolidate Euro-Mediterranean regional cooperation, thereby generating an enhanced common regional agenda for the Mediterranean in order to effectively and collectively address the current challenges.

Taken from: Who We Are – UfM


Union for the Mediterranean | Enhancing regional cooperation and integration in the Mediterranean (video)

UfM Secretariat Homepage

History of the UfM 

Barcelona Declaration (1995)

Member States

Strategic Priorities of the UfM

UfM – Youth Employability and Inclusive Growth (video)

UfM – Women for the Mediterranean (video)

UfM – Sustainable Development (video)

Water, Environment and the Blue Economy

Publications and Reports

Publications from the UfM 

UfM 2015 Activity Report

UfM Roadmap for Action

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM): A Critical Approach – Antonio Blanc Altemir and Eimys Ortiz Hernandez

(Detailed article on the history of the UfM which includes an assessment of its impact after five years of operation)

Social Media

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Republic of Turkey – Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Israel-EU cooperation: Union for the Mediterranean – MA

Germany : Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean (PA-UfM)

Bundestag – Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean (PA-UfM)


EU External Action- UfM

News and Analysis

A Mediterranean Union? – Al Jazeera

Mediterranean Realism Triumphs – Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera

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