Call for Papers – Dignity in Movement: Borders, Bodies and Rights

In light of developments across the Migration sphere as well as the recent developments in international migration and refugee law, global health, border management, illegal migration and intersectional migration experiences, a new edited volume intends to feature a collection of papers, opinion pieces, critiques and op-eds (even testimonials and reflections will be considered)The volume solicits pieces from inter-disciplinary perspectives, from scholars, researchers and advanced graduate students from all over the world.

Abstracts are welcome on the following subject-areas

  • International Migration and Refugee Law
  • Human Rights in Migration
  • Health in Migration
  • Internal Displacement
  • Illegal Migration Routes and Border Management
  • Refugee Health
  • Gender in Migration
  • Unaccompanied Child Migrants
  • Environmental Migrants
  • Asylum, Documentation, Detention, Off-shore Processing and Legal Frameworks
  • Labor Migrants, Migrant Domestic Workers, Human Trafficking, and Sex Workers
  • Citizenship, Otherness, Stigmatization and Public Perception
  • Migration and Refugee Policy
  • Effects of Migration and Refugee Policies on Bi-lateral Relations of States

Submisison details

Kindly submit your abstracts (no more than 250 words) to Jasmin Lilian Diab at or no later than June 30, 2020 with the title “Submission to Edited Volume” in the subject of the email. Please include short biographies of each author (no more than 200 words). If your abstract is approved, you are encouraged to send in the final paper by September 7, 2020. Previously published papers across other outlets will not be considered. If you are publishing a section from a thesis, dissertation or book kindly indicate this in your submission email.

Final contributions, if commissioned, are expected to be a maximum of 4000-5000 words though the guide length will vary depending on the nature of the contribution, and this can be discussed with the book’s editor.

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