Author profile: Adam D.M. Svendsen

Adam D.M. Svendsen, PhD (Warwick, UK) is an intelligence and defence strategist, educator and researcher, and an Associate Consultant at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS), Denmark. Together with work cited in testimony to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the UK Parliament, he has multi-sector award-winning media and communication experience, including authoring several peer-reviewed publications, such as the three books: Intelligence Cooperation and the War on Terror: Anglo-American Security Relations after 9/11; Understanding the Globalization of Intelligence; and The Professionalization of Intelligence Cooperation: Fashioning Method out of Mayhem.

Buffeted not Busted: The UKUSA ‘Five-Eyes’ after Snowden

Adam D.M. Svendsen • Jan 8 2014 • Articles
UKUSA and the intelligence co-operation between the ‘Five-Eyes’ members can be best analysed as being 'buffeted and not busted' by the recent series of Snowden-related NSA leaks.

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