Author profile: Adrian Gallagher

Adrian Gallagher is an Associate Professor in International Security in the Department of Politics at the University of Leeds. He has published widely on mass violence and the crisis in Syria. He has also acted as Oral Witness to the UK Defence Select Committee on the crisis in Iraq and Syria. He is a Research Director at The European Centre for the Responsibility to Protect which is partnered between the University of Leeds, The Hague and the Budapest Centre.

Review – East Asia’s Other Miracle: Explaining the Decline of Mass Atrocities

Adrian Gallagher • Mar 7 2018 • Features

Bellamy’s text studies the remarkable decline of mass atrocities in East Asia since their peak and analyses the factors that fostered and hindered this phenomenon.

Donald Trump’s Legitimacy Crisis following the Syria Bombing

Adrian Gallagher • Apr 11 2017 • Articles

The answer to the Syrian issue lies not in unilateralism, nor the UN Security Council, but in invoking the UN General Assembly’s Uniting for Peace Resolution.

An Overview of the English School’s Engagement with Human Rights

Adrian Gallagher • Jan 24 2016 • Articles

The English School in IR theory has an under-theorised understanding of humanity which in turn fails to explain why ‘we’ should act to save ‘them’.

How Many Have to Die? Iraq and the Scale of the Crime

Adrian Gallagher • Jun 25 2014 • Articles

The real challenge facing the R2P is that there are multiple ‘manifest failings’ occurring on a range of different scales therefore we should not expect too much from it.

An Overview of the English School’s Engagement With Human Rights

Adrian Gallagher • May 6 2013 • Articles

Looking at the world today, it is evident that although the English School does not explain everything, it does provide a fruitful framework for analysing the hope and tragedy of international society.

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