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Afshin Shahi is a doctoral candidate at the School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University. You can contact him at

Is political Islam on the losing side of the Arab Spring in Egypt?

Afshin Shahi • Jan 9 2012 • Articles
Egyptian progress towards democracy is still in doubt amidst a backdrop of deep social and economic troubles. Providing effective democratic structures are created and upheld, it is likely the Muslim Brothers and other Islamic forces will gradually lose support.

Military intervention against Gaddafi might shake the regime in Iran

Afshin Shahi • Mar 18 2011 • Articles
Recent mutterings in the western corridors of power for an intervention in Libya are now being translated into a potential reality. Although the Iranian opposition symbolically attempts to distant itself from the outside, the regime knows that a military intervention in Libya could have serious implications for the regime in Tehran.

The Silence of Fear Shattered by the Voice of Protests in Iran

Afshin Shahi • Feb 18 2011 • Articles
For many people, February 14 is about exchanging red roses and expressing their sentiments to their loved ones. However, this year Valentine’s Day coincided with mass political activism in Iran, which reinvigorated the Green Movement. The regime has no interest in compromise and political reconciliation. Hence, they will increasingly rely on the politics of the iron fist to maintain power.

The Dictator is Dead, God Save the Dictator!

Afshin Shahi • Jan 24 2011 • Articles
Following many other Middle Eastern and North African leaders Ben Ali sustained his power through repression, fear, and censorship. His downfall through popular protests stunned the world. However, there is still no guarantee for a new chapter in Tunisian politics.

The Failure of British Multiculturalism and the Virtue of Reciprocity

Afshin Shahi • Dec 9 2010 • Articles
The existing perception and enforcement of multiculturalism is hindering social integration in Britain. The slow process of social integration, which is caused by some multicultural policies, is intensifying the fragmentation of British society, thereby jeopardising the future of diversity in Britain. Multiculturalism promised to bring social inclusion, but has failed and is becoming a justification for exclusion

The New Wave of Social Engineering in Iran

Afshin Shahi • Oct 3 2010 • Articles
The social engineering venture of the Islamic Republic has been a systematic attempt of the ruling machinery to reshape the socio-cultural infrastructure of the Iranian society in accordance with the ideological mandate of the state. In a recent attempt to stifle the internal opposition, the Islamic Republic has called for more “Islamisation” of the educational system and has in particular targeted universities for further “de-westernisation”

Collective persecution of the Bahá’ís in Iran

Afshin Shahi • Aug 24 2010 • Articles
Many countries use national security as the pretext for violating human rights, but why should Iran single out the Baha'is for this kind of persecution? Since President Ahmadinejad came to power in 2006, the situation has worsened for the Baha'i community in Iran. Recently, more shocking news surfaced about the demolition of houses in the province of Mazandran in the north of Iran. But this was not an isolated event. In 2007, six Baha'i houses were set on fire and more recently, almost 50 houses have been demolished.

Violence is putting the future of the Islamic Republic in doubt

Afshin Shahi • Jan 6 2010 • Articles
It is not an exaggeration to claim that since the presidential election in June 2009, the ship of the Islamic Republic has been cruising in uncharted waters. The repercussions of the election have not only proved to be politically costly but have fundamentally jeopardised the very survival of the Islamic State.

Iran has lost the battle of global public opinion

Afshin Shahi • Jun 22 2009 • Articles
The current political crisis in Iran and the ban on foreign media has proved that modern technology is challenging the monopoly of information management by the state. Today, modern technology is acting as an alternative instrument to expose matters, which the regime prefers to hide from the outside world.

Iran shaken by electoral earthquake

Afshin Shahi • Jun 16 2009 • Articles
This presidential election is like an earthquake which sets new limits for political factionism in Iran and without any doubt, this earthquake will be followed by many aftershocks shaking the ruling structure in the Islamic State.

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