Author profile: Al McKay

Alasdair McKay is an Editor-at-large of E-IR. He holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in politics from the universities of Manchester and Aberystwyth. He has worked for an African human rights NGO and in the parliamentary office of an MP. His research interests include intrastate conflict, African politics, Islamism, Political Anthropology, religion and violence, and IR theory.

An Introduction to Time, Temporality and Global Politics

Al McKay • Jul 13 2016 • Articles

Out of all the books and journals that have been published under the rubric of International Relations, very few have paused to ponder the role of time or temporality.

Screening Global Politics: Visual Culture and International Relations

Al McKay • Oct 15 2013 • Articles

e-IR is proud to announce the launch of its new series of articles “Screening Global Politics”. The series will function as a rolling series of posts exploring the relationship between global politics and visual culture.

Edited Collection – South Sudan’s Independence

Al McKay • Dec 12 2012 • Features

This compendium explores South Sudan’s secession, the broader conceptual issues of state building, international development & conflict resolution.

Vacuous Vacuums

Al McKay • Oct 16 2012 • Articles

It is strange that those who advocate principles such as critical thinking, empirical investigation, and examining all possible factors to understand events jettison those principles when it comes to reacting to violence in the Islamic world.

Wrong About Orwell Being on the Right

Al McKay • Aug 28 2012 • Articles

Based on Orwell’s own writing and self-appraisal, there is little ambiguity in regards to his political beliefs. He was a democratic socialist and remained one until his untimely death.

Religion, Sacred Values and Conflict

Al McKay • Jun 14 2012 • Articles

Examining the role of sacred values in war may offer greater opportunities for breakthroughs into peace in seemingly intractable conflicts than hitherto realised.

Sam Harris’ Liberal Masquerade

Al McKay • May 22 2012 • Articles

Harris’ politics represent radical authoritarianism and nativism masquerading as progressive liberalism, glossed by a veneer of academic respectability.

Review – Talking to the Enemy

Al McKay • Apr 4 2012 • Features

In this remarkably astute book based on field work and interviews, Scott Atran offers an intricate and nuanced glimpse into the world of terrorists.

Review – After the Globe, Before the World

Al McKay • Mar 3 2012 • Features

This book begins where R.B.J Walker left off in ‘Inside/Outside’, continuing his discussion of sovereignty, the state and the system of states.

Casualties of the Digital Revolution

Al McKay • Nov 3 2011 • Articles

Many have heralded the Internet as a life-enhancing medium that promotes citizen empowerment beyond the borders of nation states. Whilst there has been much talk about the beneficiaries of this revolution, there has been something of a hesitance to name the casualties.

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