Author profile: Alexis Henshaw

Alexis Leanna Henshaw, Ph.D., is Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science at Bucknell University. Her research has previously appeared in E-International Relations, Sexuality and Culture, and Small Wars Journal. She may be reached on Twitter @Prof_Henshaw.

Gang Violence, Public Health, and Security in Honduras

Alexis Henshaw • Dec 18 2014 • Articles
Left unchecked, gang violence threatens to undo years of development work Honduras, and will lead to the further deterioration of physical and mental health.

The Hunger Games and Human Security

Alexis Henshaw • Dec 16 2013 • Articles
The cinematic portrayal of The Hunger Games series offers insight into various elements of human security, and how one can be insecure in a society that is at peace.

From ‘Followers’ to Leaders: Re-examining the Roles of Women in Armed Rebellion

Alexis Henshaw • Aug 16 2013 • Articles
Scholarship that disregards the presence of women as actors and stakeholders in civil conflict creates an incomplete understanding of how conflicts are conducted and settled, who fights, and why.

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