Author profile: Amber Murrey

Amber Murrey has held academic posts at Boston College and Clark University in the United States as well as Jimma University in Ethiopia. She earned her PhD in Geography and the Environment from the University of Oxford and researches and writes on transformations of life and place amidst structural, development, and colonial violence(s); the dynamics of social and political resistance and co-optations of that resistance by state and corporate actors; and hegemonic and counterhegemonic intellectual practices. Her research on oil politics and resistance in Central Africa as well as her collaborative work on the Pan-African legacy of Thomas Sankara is shaped by a decolonial impetus and conviction that scholarship be active, attentive, accessible, decolonized.

A Post/Decolonial Geography beyond ‘the Language of the Mouth’

Amber Murrey • Jun 24 2017 • Articles
Nurturing a political and ethical consciousness attuned to people and relationships is an approach useful for navigating the entangled histories of colonialism.

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