Author profile: Andreas Yiannaros

Dr Andreas Yiannaros is Head of LLB at the University of Law (London, Bloomsbury). He frequently provides expertise to civil society organisations in Europe on issues around equality and non-discrimination and has acted as external expert to the Council of Europe. His research interests include conscientious objection to military service, non-discrimination, freedom of movement and human rights accountability for multinational corporations.

Opinion – The Path Beyond Trump in US Human Rights Policies

Andreas Yiannaros • Jan 11 2021 • Articles

Biden’s election provides an opportunity for the United States to begin along the path of restoring trust in its global human rights response and influence.

Review – When Soldiers Say No

Andreas Yiannaros • Aug 28 2014 • Features

Ellner, Robinson and Whetham’s stimulating volume should encourage policy-makers and students to probe the complexity of the right to selective conscientious objection.

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