Author profile: Anna Viden

Anna Viden is a full-time Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Her work focuses on Saudi-U.S. relations and the role of tribalism, religion and resource dependence in Saudi state formation and regime survival from a domestic and foreign policy perspective. Her work has been published in New Global Studies, International Journal of Middle East Studies and Confluences Méditerranée. Her webpage is

Image by UN Photo (Jean-Marc Ferré)

Why Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record Does Not Matter

In the context of the strained security situation in the Middle East and Europe it seems unlikely that human rights considerations will gain the upper hand.

Is the Saudi-U.S. Relationship “Broken”?

Is the Saudi-U.S. Relationship “Broken”?

Despite misalignment on certain crucial issues, the Saudi-U.S. strategic alliance is not “broken”. Most of the main pillars of the relationship are still relevant.

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