Author profile: Anne Stenersen

Anne Stenersen is a research fellow at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). She specializes in militant Islamism, in particular al-Qaida’s use of the internet and militancy in Afghanistan and Pakistan. She has an MPhil in Arabic and a PhD in history from the University of Oslo. Her recent publications include “‘Bomb-making for Beginners’: Inside an al-Qaida E-Learning course” in Perspectives on Terrorism (Vol. 7, Iss. 1, 2013), and the chapter “The Relationship between al-Qaeda and the Taliban” in Talibanistan: Negotiating the Borders Between Terror, Politics, and Religion, edited by Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann (Oxford 2013).

Review – Jihadi Culture on the World Wide Web

Anne Stenersen • Jun 1 2014 • Features
Ramsay's analysis of online jihadi culture challenges current assumptions about this phenomenon and examines its limited translation to real world violence.

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