Author profile: Anubhav Roy

Anubhav Roy is a Research Analyst for Hardeep S. Puri, India’s former Permanent Representative to the UN. Concurrently, in New Delhi, he assists ‘JudgingHistories’, a joint archival historiography project of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the European Research Council.

A Potential Shift in the Political Undertones of Professional Wrestling

Anubhav Roy • Jun 27 2017 • Articles

Jinder Mahal’s case could usher a paradigm shift for the pro-wrestling industry, but only time would tell how long this atypical political correctness shall last.

Raj Kapoor and India’s Foremost Cinematic Soft Power Breakthrough

Anubhav Roy • Jan 23 2017 • Articles

Soft power has fast matured into a sine qua non of international political conduct. Awara inadvertently became soft power, facilitating Soviet trust of India.

The Thatcherization of India’s Foreign Policy

Anubhav Roy • Oct 26 2015 • Articles

Both Thatcher and Modi value global power projections, a West-wards tilt and regional prominence, while balancing free-market fruits with nationalist roots.

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