Author profile: Bassel F. Salloukh

Dr. Bassel F. Salloukh is Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Political Science at the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut. His recent publications include “The Arab Uprisings and the Geopolitics of the Middle East” in The International Spectator (June 2012), the co-authored Beyond the Arab Spring: Authoritarianism and Democratization in the Arab World (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2012), the co-authored chapter “Hizbullah in Lebanon” in The Oxford Handbook of Islam and Politics (forthcoming), and the co-authored article “Elite Strategies, Civil Society, and Sectarian Identities in Postwar Lebanon” in International Journal of Middle East Studies (November 2013). His current research looks at the politics of sectarianism in postwar Lebanon and Hizbullah’s shifting geopolitical environment.

The Geopolitics of the Struggle for Syria

Bassel F. Salloukh • Sep 23 2013 • Articles
The disaster in Syria epitomizes the destructive effects of the sectarianization of regional geopolitical battles and the use of the popular Arab uprisings for otherwise geopolitical ends.

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