Author profile: Benjamin Cherry-Smith

Benjamin Cherry-Smith is a PhD student at the University of Adelaide, where he focuses on ontological security, Australian Foreign Policy and influence. He has previously earned a Master of Arts from the University of the Sunshine Coast, a Master of International Relations and Bachelor of Government and Public Policy from Griffith University, and a Graduate Diploma of Public Policy from the University of Tasmania. He can be reached via twitter at @BenCherrySmith.

Opinion – Assessing Changes in How Australia Refers to Extremism

Benjamin Cherry-Smith • Mar 28 2021 • Articles

ASIO is stepping away from using ‘right-wing’ or ‘Islamic’ and instead referring to the principal motivation of the individual or group as ‘ideological’ or ‘religiously’ motivated violent extremism.

Opinion – Compromising US Energy Security for International Oil Market Stability

Benjamin Cherry-Smith • Apr 25 2020 • Articles

Trump has placed the US in a position to have its oil production manipulated by a cartel vying to remain relevant and a geopolitical rival seeking leverage.

Oil Power Politics amidst a Global Pandemic

Benjamin Cherry-Smith • Apr 12 2020 • Articles

Despite recent developments, the US has been unable to broker a longer term end to the price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia as the motives of the three states vary.

Opinion – Nationalism and Trump’s Response to Covid-19

Benjamin Cherry-Smith • Apr 3 2020 • Articles

As covid-19 continues to spread in the US, the Trump administrations handling of it as a public health and economic issue will be at the forefront the election.

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