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Brianna Nicole Hernandez is pursuing her PhD, as well as Certificates in Women and Gender Studies and National Security Studies, at Florida International University. You can follow her on twitter.

Review – The Value of Everything

Review – The Value of Everything

With an eclectic view on the economy, Mazzucato constructs a complex configuration of value creation beyond the tangible.

Members of the Mongolian Armed Forces observe a demonstration of mine May 25 during the minefield self-extraction training portion of Khaan Quest 2016 at Five Hills Training Area near Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The training provided MAF members with the skills to safely identify and mark potential threats in a minefield. Khaan Quest 2016 is an annual, multinational peacekeeping operations exercise hosted by the Mongolian Armed Forces, co-sponsored by U.S. Pacific Command, and supported by U.S. Army Pacific and U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific. Khaan Quest, in its 14th iteration, is the capstone exercise for this year’s Global Peace Operations Initiative program. The exercise focuses on training activities to enhance international interoperability, develop peacekeeping capabilities, build to mil-to-mil relationships, and enhance military readiness. (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Cpl. Janessa K. Pon)

Sexual Abuse in UN Peacekeeping: The Problem of Viewing Women as a ‘Quick Fix’

Sexual exploitation is about power more than gender or any physical attraction to a particularly sexed body. In the realm of peacekeeping, it is about the uniform.

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