Author profile: Charles Schmitz

Charles Schmitz teaches in the Department of Geography at Towson University, Baltimore, MD, and is an affiliated scholar with the Middle East Institute in Washington, DC. He is a specialist on Yemen.

Deadly Stalemate in Yemen

Charles Schmitz • Dec 19 2016 • Articles
Yemen’s faltering economy desperately requires sustained, well-coordinated efforts to rebuild a country devastated by war and facing a humanitarian crisis.

Can a Federal State Solve Yemen’s Problems?

Charles Schmitz • Mar 13 2014 • Articles
Yemen’s version of federalism appears aimed at taming the aspirations of the southern movement and Ansar Allah in the north rather than incorporating them into politics.

Yemen: The Political Struggle Continues

Charles Schmitz • Feb 9 2012 • Articles
Many Yemenis were disappointed with the compromise brokered that led to Saleh’s departure, preferring to continue the struggle for real change.

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