Author profile: Charlotte Clapham

Gacaca: A Successful Experiment in Restorative Justice?

Charlotte Clapham • Jul 30 2012 • Essays
Gacaca was not a successful experiment in restorative justice. It did not contain a strong enough reparative element and was hampered by factors of capacity such as a lack of legal expertise and sufficient compensation for victims.

Judging Susceptibility to Ethnic Conflict

Charlotte Clapham • May 6 2012 • Essays
There is nothing inevitable or predictable about ethnic conflict; it is far more complicated a phenomenon than simply a foreseeable clash of ethnicities.

Who Were the Major Victors and Losers in the Iraq War?

Charlotte Clapham • Apr 24 2012 • Essays
The Iraq War presented opportunities for several groups to thrive while others endured a terrible plight. A nuanced appreciation of these issues is necessary.

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